Some Simple Tips + Tricks on Instagram

How to Save a Post

Learning Instagram is not easy and setting up a Giveaway not only takes time but a lot of planning...

There have been benefits to seeing positive engagements for saving a post.  In case you're wondering how, I've screenshot and circled in red where the "Save" icon is.

How to Share to Stories and Why:

To share a story, from the account post, click on the "Airplane" icon (see screenshot below).  It will take you to your story with the post you want to share with your followers.

Add @mention tags (for our giveaway, tag other makers so they can see that you shared the post as well).

Add comments within the stories to interact with your followers or the tagged @mention accounts.

Hit "Send to" or the "Your Stories" button to Share the post.

As a small business owner, this is beneficial to you for the @mentioned accounts to discover you and encourages a follow back.

It's also nice to add some of your own personality in comments which helps with engagement.
Practice Sharing a couple of post to your own Stories!

Empowerment Pins

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I created 3 mantras that has helped me with aligning my personal and business boundaries:

- Be Perfectly Imperfect

- Say "No" More

- Clear is Kind

Designed with the Enzo stroke to depict an imperfect circle. The phrases within the calligraphy stroke is a reminder of Impermanence .

You can also buy these pins as single but you'll save in shipping if you get all three as a set.

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