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About Us

Creativity, Wisdom, Love & Positivity

sewing mob stamp

Etchy Things started with a yoga intention in mind. I am a certified yoga instructor and have been practicing yoga for over 15 years.

In 2010, I almost opened a yoga studio but things fell through. At the time, I had the name "MYOGA STUDIO", my website, and a logo already completed. A professional photoshoot was done with a beautiful yoga-themed website ready to go. All of that was dropped by the end of the year and I got through this challenge in my life through crafting.

My first Etsy shop: Myoga Craft Cave, was a greeting card and papercraft business. It was then I found my overall theme behind everything I do (my past, present, and future) revolve around creativity, wisdom, love, and positivity; hence, my work reflects these subjects.

A studious yoga dork at heart, I reflect on Einstein’s quotes, interpret and theorize about humanity through Eastern and Western philosophies and laugh out loud when nothing seems to make sense.

Fast forward to today, I primarily work with small business owners in making custom logo stamps, tags, stickers/decals, and other supply items to help them grow their passion.


Buy Local Initiative

I have spent an immense amount of time honing in on supporting local businesses and building brands. I understand the needs of start-ups, the online presence, the marketing, the branding, the packaging and the shipping needs involved in running a small business.

I have helped mom and pop shops, E-commerce store owners, farmers markets, yoga studios, realtors, photographers, card makers and larger corporations like Moksha studios, YYOGA and Granted Clothing Inc. with their product branding.

My reviews and acknowledgment in my craft all show my expertise in this field.