Building on Habits




Venturing into Collaboration

Is time going super fast for you as it is for me?  We've had a pretty rough start to this year and now I think we're almost going on auto-pilot... in a crazy world kinda way. Deep breaths... and let's experience today one step at a time.


Join the Giveaway via Instagram

I've teamed up with 2 other Vancouver Island artists and together, we're giving away the following:

One winner will receive:

  • one 2021 Garden Calendar Planner
  • one Paint by Numbers DIY kit
  • a set of 3 cards
  • one face mask
  • a set of 3 plant magnets (to be listed soon on our website)
  • one hand painted ornament

If you haven't entered yet, the giveaway ends on Sunday November 29th, 2020 at noon PST.  

This calendar is a personal project I created for my family and friends and I'm so grateful so many of you pre-ordered a copy.

Here's a quick video on how to use the seed paper and grow your own basil.

Building on Habits

This year has been an overhaul of formulating new habits and changing for the better.  

For me at Etchy Things, it has been a lot of #FFT (see my latest YouTube video on Shipping Solutions) and I am grateful you guys are here to check out and experience these eff-ups with me! 

It's already the end of November and I'm definitely late on sending you this newsletter.  I'm working on some really cool updates which require a bit of mechanical manuoevering and working with a brilliant team of local developers from Bravenet (in Parksville) and it's just been taking longer with some kinks along the way.   SOOO normal.  I am super excited to get this habit of writing to you once a month and sharing all the resources I've learned along the way with you consistently.  I hope you'll let me know in the next few months once everything is up and running that you're finding this helpful.

Until next time my hard working ladies and gents,  stay perfectly imperfect!

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