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It’s the last month of 2020 and all the feels are happening right now… the past, the present, the future. Thoughts like:

How did my small business change this year?
Am I following my passion?
What will 2021 look like?

If you tend to reflect on these questions like me, I’m always down to ponder these things together! (PM me and let’s chat!)

Please share my site with someone starting their own business!


Early in 2020, I paused my businesses and sought refuge in my garden instead of worrying. I’m sure many of you resolved to do something similar which really helped us get out of a place that doesn’t serve us.
Many free online courses started to merge and creative businesses making masks and other goods to support frontline workers.

As social gatherings shut down, craft makers began to hop online to take their goods virtual - this became the new normal.  I feel pretty lucky as my business started on Etsy online and I sold to strangers so this virtual world thing is not new to me - just different.

Orders began to come in with new emerging businesses needing a stamp, labels and tags to take their business to the next level.  

Supporting Local has become a priority.

As salons and restaurants opened up slowly, optimism grew albeit the energy required to do tasks seemed to respond with resistance.  It takes a lot longer to perform the simplest tasks on days when energy grows heavy and those who aren’t aware of this react by acting out, hurting others or themselves. 

This website which I relaunched in late June/ early July is to stay in touch with those who support the hard work that has made Etchy Things possible the past 10 years.  I became self employed shortly after the recession in 2008, used my life savings to work on starting a business, tried and failed in a few different startups and eventually landed in 2011 with what is now Etchy Things.

(Full disclosure: it’s not what it was in 2014 but I enjoy the work I do more now)

Today, as I’m writing this newsletter, I am thinking about how I’d like 2021 to go for my business.  I’ve been working on a Habit Calendar that I put together to help me plan out some of the habits I want to grow: Reading, Journaling, Exercise and Meditation.

If you would like a FREE copy, email me at and let me know you want a copy.


December Tip this month:

Did you know that you can really stretch your stamp by using it in various packaging methods?

Did you catch how many ways I’ve used the same seedling stamp?  (watch this Reel below)

  • Kraft paper (for wrapping our garden calendar)
  • Gift tag
  • Tissue paper
  • Packing Tape (limited quantities for sale, please PM to order)



I’ll be taking a short break during the last two weeks of December where I won’t be shipping any orders out.  Feel free to send me a PM to chat about new year habits or if you would like to collaborate!

In the meantime, here’s a quick timelapse video on how to make your own stamped ornaments.  All those new emerging engravers out there also got people engraving their own.  

"Let's Root for Each Other" 
Wall Hanging



  • Printed on Plantable Seed Paper
  • Includes a removable Magnet
  • A Reminder Mantra to work with Positive People
  • Ready to Hang
  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Contact for Custom


Until next time my hard working ladies and gents,  stay perfectly imperfect!


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