Yoga Stamps - Set of 3 warrior poses rubber stamps Virabhadrasana SMSET3 Y017

This is for a set of 3 laser engraved rubber stamps mounted on 3/4" size wood mounts.

These little characters were originally based on a vector design I bought online and later modified with facial expression. These expressions remind me to remain calm and steady even when the posture is difficult to hold. The breath leads you through the practice.

Virabhadra’s Pose is also known as the Warrior Pose (there are several variation of Warrior)

The Warrior Poses take strength, steadiness, and a fierce determination to hold them with integrity. The legs and arms need to be strong and extended (where the legs are straight), the hips flexible, the chest open and well-lifted, and the spine extended to hold these poses well.

For more reads on warrior poses, refer to Yoga Journal.

Are these for kids yoga to stamp on the kids' hands or as gifts? Upgrade to a longer handle here:

Used in Kids Yoga by Elly:
"The kids love the stamps! They feel proud to have a warrior on their hand and think it's pretty cool they get to take their power with them all day long!" - Elly

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