Yoga Challenge Mini Rubber Stamps Yoga Mini Pose set of 24 Sun Salutations Warrior Intermediate Postures

Yoga Challenge ( #yogachallenge ) on Instagram is exploding with yogis from all walks of life share their daily yoga practice. I am inspired by all the documented progress from friends and yoga teachers who share their love for yoga and have built a tribe to do the same.

This set of 24 mini yoga posture rubber stamps are created for the ( #bujo ) journal writers and teachers who can use these stamps to document their yoga challenges, list out best practices, feelings, variations that fit your style, contraindications and so on... perhaps this will inspire you to blog about your practice or instagram story it. :)

In this set of rubber stamps, you will receive them at the 1/2" size (perfect for you bullet journals)

Some of these are sold already at the 3/4" size found here:

Postures include:
1) Mountain Pose
2) Uttanasana
3) Uttanasana II
4) Chaturanga
5) Cobra Pose
6) Downward Facing Dog
7) Cow Pose
8) Cat Pose

and here:

9-11) Mini Warrior series (I, II and I variation)

12-13) Tree Pose I, II
14) Chair Pose
15) Mountain II
16) Forward Fold
17) Boat Pose
18) Cobra pose II
19) Corpse Pose
20) Lotus Pose
21) Shoulder stand
22) One legged balancing pose
23) Full wheel
24) Locust Pose II

Easy to clean with baby wipes and may be used on:

* paper
* fabric
* skin
* clay / impression materials
* wood

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This is for a full set at our wholesale price. Any deviations or variations to quantity or size will change your price by double each.

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