Wedding Menu Stamps Wood Plug Mounted Select your number in drop down menu

The Original Wood Mounted Menu Stamps at your service! 

Need to create your own RSVP cards with menu choices?
Little wood handles/ plugs prevent you from inky fingers..

Choose up to 10 wood mounted menu stamps. Pick however many you need or request a custom order if you have more than 10 choices. :)

This is for 1 or more small stamps at roughly a dime size to stamp out your menu selection on your RSVP Escort card. 

Make sure you select the correct number of stamps so you are paying for the correct quantity.

Please email your choice to etchythings[at]

LOTS OF CHOICES TO CHOOSE FROM and still creating new stamps to add to the list!


* beef (cow) (POPULAR)
* chicken (POPULAR)
* pork
* duck
* lamb
* elk
* burger
* turkey
* chick
* bison
* deer


* fish (POPULAR)
* crab
* seashell
* lobster
* shrimp


* broccoli
* carrot (POPULAR)
* lettuce
* mushroom
* eggplant
* tomato
* vegan


* kids menu (smiley balloons)
* kids menu (smiley sun)
* gluten free
* dairy free
* nut free
* pasta
* dairy (cheese)
* soup
* toast
* bbq
* strawberry
* cupcake
* ice-cream
* beer
* taco
* wine


Wood plugs are used to reduce shipping price. Should you require longer handles I have created a listing here:

Feedback reflecting mount size is not a fair feedback for what I've described here and offer. Buy with confidence please.

Please note that image may face left or right depending on batch made. If you require the menu option facing a certain way, please contact me with a custom listing request before ordering.

Or do you need a RSVP card with meal option?


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