Tree of Life Rubber Stamp MIX Y016

This is for one Tree of Life rubber stamp at 1/2" round size (about dime size) or 3/4" (about nickel size) and 1" (about a quarter size) and mounted on upcycled wood plugs.

PHOTO SHOWS DIME SIZE ONLY. (I will update soon!)

The name itself denotes a sacred entity and used as motifs in science, religion, philosophy, and mythology.

A little tiny stamp could be used on:

* gift tags
* metaphoric meditation & healing
* cards
* scrapbooks
* border stamping
* gift wrap packaging
* journals
* weddings
* random decoration

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Is this a gift? You can upgrade your mount handle here:

**please see picture with my fingers holding the stamp if you need aspect ratio**
** I do not make the mount and the small size was to conform to Canada Post's restriction, if you need a bigger size mount, please request a custom order for an additional service fee.


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