Sun Salutation Yoga Stamps Featured on Yoga Journal Yoga Poses 8 Yoga Rubber Stamps Set Yoga Teacher Student

Sun Salutations featured on Yoga Journal!

This is for a set of 8 yoga postures rubber stamps at 3/4" round size and mounted on wood plugs.

Postures include:
1) Mountain
2) Uttanasana
3) Uttanasana II
4) Chaturanga
5) Cobra
6) Downward Facing Dog
7) Cow
8) Cat


This listing is for this sun salutation set of 8.

Easy to clean with baby wipes and may be used on:

* paper
* fabric
* clay / impression materials
* wood

Last photo shows an example of what you could do with one of the stamps individually. If you would like a custom order of tags only, please contact me for a custom listing.

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