Start-up Mini Stamp Series - Social Media Stamps, Logo Stamps, Text / URL / Labeling Clothespin Stamps

Starting a new business is not easy and there's a lot of overhead and lots on your to-do list.

If you're a busy bee business owner and you just need some stamps to promote your business ie) at craft shows or at a restaurant talking about biz, you can prepare some of these stamped cards economically to your potential customers.

To order:

Pick one or two social media channels you'd like your customers to get in touch
Send me your logo (either via Etsy messaging or through my email at etchythings[at]
URL or a text stamp that you'd like me to use on a clothespin stamp

Once I receive your information, I'll create stamp that will fit w/in a business card (see some of the examples in the listing photos)

This is the most economical way to promote your new start-up business.

Stamp them on your older business cards or stamp this on napkin and create your business card on the fly.

My stamps are friendly on wood as well as fabric, polymer or jewelry making tools. Contact me for inquiries.

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