Chakra Clay Stamping Rubber Stamps No Lotus Format

Based on the popular chakra listing found here:

I have removed the lotus flowers surrounding the energy nodes to just the bare symbols themselves.

**please note there are 2 different sizes to choose from** Custom sizes available for extra.

Stamps include:

7 chakra symbols.

*Root Chakra Symbol Mandala Facilitates:
Grounding, material security, balance of physical body, clearing of fear.
* Sacral Chakra Mandala Facilitates:
Sexual creativity, primal understanding, relief of tension, augment relationships.
*Solar Plexus Chakra Mandala Facilitates:
Personal power, sensitivity, clearing of anger, augment joy.
*Heart Chakra Mandala Facilitates:
Protection, love, harmony, connection, release of rejection, augment love.
*Throat Chakra Mandala Facilitates:
Higher communication, proper judgment, ideal resolutions, release of temerity, augment self-expression.
*Third Eye Chakra Symbol Facilitates:
Spiritual connectedness, insight, visualization into manifestation, clearing of grief, augment healing and imagination.
Crown Chakra Symbol Facilitates:
Divine connectedness, pure being, perception beyond the confines of space and time, at one with everything.

Designed to keep the symbols easy for ceramic clay and jewelry clay stamping.

You can select one of two sizes or request a custom listing for something bigger!

Check out my Instagram @etchythingsandaccents for many versions and sizes of these I've made in the past.


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