About Us

The name Myoga (MEE-YOGA) Studio started with a yoga intention in mind. I am a certified yoga instructor and have been practicing yoga for over 10years.

In 2010, I almost opened a yoga studio but life happens and things fell through. At the time, I had this name, my website and a logo already completed. A professional photo shoot was done with a beautiful yoga themed website ready to go. All of that was dropped by the end of the year and I gave birth to Myoga Craft Cave.

Although handmade crafts had not been my life-long work and expressed passion, I’ve always appreciated crafts and the creative process. When I started Myoga Craft Cave on Etsy, it was brought to my attention that everything I’ve ever done in life revolves around creativity, wisdom, love and positivity; hence, my work reflects these subjects.

A studious yoga dork at heart, I reflect on Einstein’s quotes, interpret and theorize about humanity through Eastern and Western philosophies and laugh out loud when nothing seems to make any sense to me.

I really really REALLY enjoy making custom things for people. I love it when you can describe the kind of card you’re looking for and why the receiver is special to you. When you do that, my imagination wanders off to a beautiful story and that’s how the card will be made. So, if the listings I have don’t satisfy what you’re looking for, please convo me.

In June 2011, I started a new Etsy store called Etchy Things which specializes in custom rubber stamps, wedding favors and other laser engravings. I could be found on The Knot.com as Etchythings!

Updated: Etchythings via Myoga Craft Cave is now a small business incorporation known as Etchythings and Accents Inc! Stay tune for more up-to-date news and new product launch made by yours truly!