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Holding Space for Each Other

I'm a bit behind this month in my blogging.   I made it a habit to be on top of writing and yet here I am contemplating on what's going on with the world and if any of what I'm doing really matters.

I couldn't help but be swayed by the state of the world.  We stopped engaging with reaction …

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Planning Together

Last year in January 2021, I shared this pie chart of how we manage our time and the chart compares expectation vs reality which basically sums up how we go about our day sharing all the things we want to work on vs the reality pie chart where mindset, energy and focus take up more headspace tha…

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How to Find Your Own Clarity

How to find your own clarity



Get clear on what matters most and the rest will follow

You will find this to be true at any stage in your business that clarity will provide the answers to how you run your business and the decisions you make when sh*…

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Kindness Matters


Working from Inside-Out

How are you doing? Calm on the outside but struggling on the inside?  
If you're like me who tracks mood, cycles and other patterns that keep me up at night, it's a good idea to bring gratitude practice into your daily life.


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Reusing Materials

Reusing an item several times before repurposing or recycling it prevents waste.

Some easy-to-reuse items include containers and packagi…

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October - Are You Ready for This Holiday?


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How Not to Burn Out as a Solopreneur

Burnout is REAL. I have been there, sleepless nights, hurt feelings, triggers and all the imba…

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You make me Happy when Skies are Grey...

This month's theme is all about gratitude, specifically for all of our wonderful Etchy clients…

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Exploring the world of stretching your stamps

This month's theme is all about stretching your stamps, and exploring all the different uses!

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Exploring the world of packaging

This month's theme is all about the packaging and what's on the outside is as important as what's on the inside in this case!

Packaging communicates the quality of t…

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Venturing behind the curtains

This month's theme is around some behind the scenes at Etchy Things headquarters ; aka my studio.

It's …

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Venturing into Client Care

This month's theme is all about the art of customer service and how it should be heart-centred and intuitive.

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Venturing into the T-word

Taxes.  This is not a favourite topic but I've got interest and questions being asked lately so I might as well talk about…

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Dos and Don't for a Successful Giveaway

My current obsession with the moon and astrology started with my healing process in the garden last March when the pandemi…

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Some Simple Tips + Tricks on Instagram

How to Save a Post

Learning Instagram is not easy and setting up a Giveaway not only takes time but a lot of planning...

There have been benefits to seeing positive engagements for saving a post.  In case you're wondering how, I've …

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Work on your Habits and your Habits will form your Business




Venturing into Reflection Do Creative Work

It’s the last month of 2020 and all the feels are happening right now… the past, the present, the future. Thoughts like:

How did my small business change this year?
Am I following my passion?

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Building on Habits




Venturing into Collaboration

Is time going super fast for you as it is for me?  We've had a pretty rough start to this year and now I think we're almost going on auto-pilot... in a crazy world kinda way. Deep breaths... and let's experience toda…

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Packaging Imperfectly by Etchy Things - My Big Fail on Etsy!




Venturing into Ecommerce The Creative Packaging Process

I have been shipping for nearly 10 years now and learned a lot about shipping economically via using tools like Save On Shipping Mailing Sizers to reduce the size of my stamps for thickness…

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Defining How we Organize our Mental and Physical Space

Get Organized with Quin and Mei


With the fall equinox arriving on Tuesday, September 22, 2020, I am feeling the need for a refresher training on staying on top of my creative mess.

During the first few weeks of lock-down, what helped me navigate the unknown future and brain fog was through decluttering and a structured mind…

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