Venturing into Client Care

This month's theme is all about the art of customer service and how it should be heart-centred and intuitive.

Customer's want to feel valued and heard and sometime's it helps to anticipate their needs and desires through tools such as follow up emails, feedback calls and a collaborative approach to achieving the final product. 

One of my client was very impressed to receive a follow up email with new products that may be of interest to her. The products will of course be closely related to the original order with the view to inspire and intrigue.

These tools are automated by the E-Commerce platform I use but have proved to be a vital way to remain in contact with past and present customers. 

This goes a long way in the world of customer service where the personal touch can be so easily misplaced and the attitude of gratitude can be replaced by complacency. I would highly recommend utilizing this means of communications and any other you feel fit with your brand and customer base. 

As they say fortune is in the follow up and that isn't just to generate sales, it's to encourage brand loyalty and keep you continuously growing and improving.

Let a new business know about my newsletters if they've helped you!
Make Their Brain Light Up

Focus on showing your customers very quickly the ways in which your products can solve their pain points. 

My customers are usually on very strict deadlines when it comes to the production of their own handmade items and my wooden tags could be the final touch before it's sale ready. That's why I pride myself on understanding my clients' needs and the ability to grow with the business.
Stand for Something

Customers who identify with the values and ethics of a brand a likely to form a strong attachment.

A great example of this are Tom's shoes that donate a pair to someone in need for every pair sold.

It is really important to build your personal values into your business and really reflect that in your practices and products.

Whilst running my first Etsy shop, I figured out my golden thread was creativity, wisdom, love, and positivity; hence, my work reflects these subjects.

Build Trust

It is important to build trust through every interaction you have with a customer, be reliable, be accurate and deliver on your promises. 

Consistency is key!

I love to provide, just as the universe has for me, which is why I offer Freebies on my website. Added value and a desire to help never goes un-noticed and if my Words of Encouragement stamps can bring a smile to your day, then I consider that a win! 

Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed 

Just like anything in life, the unpredictable is predictable. Sometime's a customers need may change on a dime and with it their expectations.

Create flexibility in the design and approach of your business to accommodate this and it can be as simple as:
  • offering more than one product medium
  • custom costs based on specifications
  • rush order's where feasible

Do Not Bend Stamp

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Do Not Bend Stamp


Size 1.5" x 1.5"

Do you have photos, cards, fragile items in your collection of handmade goods you definitely don't want your courier to bend?

Have no fear, our "Do Not Bend" stamp is here!

Stamp these all over the outside of your package.

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