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Venturing into Ecommerce Shipping Part II

Last month, I talked about my first Fail as a shipper, mailing a light package that I thought would cost maybe a few postage stamps but ended up to be a lot more.  The more I thought about this topic, the more I felt the need to explain further. 

If you haven't read last month's newsletter, you can read it here. 

But I must thank Catherine @fraservalleyhygge for giving me permission to publish her experience (see photo above) at the post office.  I'm so happy you read my instagram story about cross referencing your packaging price.  Knowing your rates will be less stressful next time you head to the post office.

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September is an important month of change for most:  back to school, end of summer, a shift in mindset (gearing up for holiday season) among other tasks that trigger an array of emotions.  Adding a layer of adaptation to our "new normal", no wonder we have a negative outlook on preparing our packages for shipping!

Choosing a more Stoic Way of Thinking

2020 for me is about experiencing what is (outside my control) and choosing to view changes as part of my growth.  With this wisdom in mind, when I was redesigning the letter mail sizer, I didn't want to call it by a negative connotation anymore... that's old thinking that I am happy to leave behind. The intention to bring value to you on saving money in domestic shipping made the name, Save on Domestic, (as opposed to "Slot of Doom" as most would call it) practically perfect.

Another Shipping Story

While shipping all the Mailing Sizers last week, I decided to play around with the shipping weight limit of 100g and include a few different freebies at various weight to see how close my scale to the post office's scale differs.  

** Trust me ** it's not 100% accurate (either theirs or mine)

So I shipped off a half dozen or so of these SOL sizers and went by my 100g (current rate $1.94) and was told two of my lettermail went over by 3-4 grams...  

>100g to 200g has a price point of $3.19 plus GST if you're purchasing stamps on site.

That's $2 more than expected and definitely good to know if you're only going to go over by a few grams, better go over more or drop it by removing any extras that might bring the weight down.

Common Items that are under 100g

Crochet hat/ small knits
One or Two Face Masks
Small Pet accessories
Clothespin Rubber Stamps
Accessories without a thick box
A few cards with compact packaging
Save on Domestic Letter Mail Sizer 
Some jewelry pieces without thick packaging

I fall under around the 100g-300g for most of my light packet packages so I often use $5 as my letter mail base rate to ensure I cover my cost (packaging, postage and fuel) and time (to prepare and package the product).  

Whichever your rate range, finding a shipping price point you're most comfortable with will ensure there are no surprises in the future.   

When to use a particular Shipper

If you're shipping less frequently, or a beginner at shipping, Canada Post is probably the simplest way to get your items from A to B without thinking too much about logistics.

You can set up a Business Account and prepaid your shipping directly and receive a discount for doing some of the work for the CP agent.  Or if you are just shipping letter mail, you'll want to know how much postage you'll be paying in advance, purchase a roll of stamps, use the SOD tool and save time in line instead.

Once you begin to ship more or your packages begin to get over the letter mail size, consider using ChitChats where they service both domestic and international at their best rates.  

Chit Chats piggy-backs off of Canada Post to ship their domestic packages as well but instead of paying your regular parcel rate ($15-25 dollars), you can ship your within province parcels for as low as $7.55 each. It's still a tracked packet but will be one or two days slower than if you went direct with Canada Post.   

They also have pick up scheduling and once you're all set up with them, it's one of the most cost effective ways to link your Etsy, Shopify or other eCommerce accounts to this shipping system.

If you're using PayPal to checkout and want to use their Net Parcel option, they too provide some shipping discount for parcel shipping or you can use Canada Post as well through PayPal.   Since PayPal helps you with tracking your sales, if you use PayPal frequently, utilizing their handy shipping options will help you save some money in shipping, and save time by submit tracking information right from PayPal.

Other ecommerce websites began automating shipping too to help sellers with tracking packages.

Save on Domestic 
Mailer Sizer


Save on Domestic Mailing Sizer


  • Updated Design
  • Convenient Hook Storage Solution
  • Rate Increments Reminders
  • Letter Mail Prices (Free Download)
  • Slot checks
  • $2 Best Rate Shipping

Common Shipping Dimensions

There isn't a whole lot of restrictions other than the thickness of your package that will significantly impact your shipping rate.  Up to 500 g and under your 20mm slot size, your rate will be within $6 (as of current) and parcel rate for anything over.   

The size limit will then be quite "flexible"... meaning you can use anything from an old cereal box, to pre-purchased boxes to reusable packaging etc and they will all be at the basic parcel rate ($7.55 to $13ish rate for within province and less than $20 hitting up the East Coast)

Until next time my hard working ladies and gents,  stay perfectly imperfect!

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