How Not to Burn Out as a Solopreneur

Burnout is REAL. I have been there, sleepless nights, hurt feelings, triggers and all the imbalanced chakras I have come to learn in yoga teacher training and thought would never happen to me.

What is Burnout?

Entrepreneurial burnout might look like:

  • Loss of passion 
  • No motivation
  • sense of dread when you think about work
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Difficulty with decision making

If you experience any of these for an extended amount of time — you might be suffering from burnout. And the consequences don’t stop there. Research shows that burnout can lead to more severe health consequences 

Scary stuff! Luckily there are things you can start doing today to start combating this kind of work related stress.
Entrepreneurship is a stressful occupation. The responsibility and uncertainty of being your own boss aren’t for everyone. But if you’re set on forging an entrepreneurial path — there are easy steps you can take to avoid burnout. 

A flexible mindset helps you set goals as ideals rather than fixed results, which will help you deal with the inevitable twists and turns of the journey to success.

Basing your worth on more than just work will enable you to stop when you need to and refocus your energy into relationships, family, hobbies and passions.

Trying to do it all yourself will keep you small and stressed. Hire the right people with values aligned with your own and start to create a culture.

Human needs are just that - NEEDS! Eating, sleeping, exercising and getting sunlight are all key components of staying competent, happy and functioning. 

Sometimes creative solutions arrive when you switch off so take that afternoon off, weekend away or when you can a full vacation. 

Whatever the reason is for starting on this path — write it down and revisit it often. This practice will remind you of the bigger picture and be a guiding force when you’re making business decisions. 


"Let's Root for each other and Watch each other Grow."  Please share this with someone who's starting out!
Check out this TedX by Ally McLean as she delves into the pressures of the games industry and offers some practical solutions for avoiding burnout.

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Until next time my hard working ladies and gents,
stay perfectly imperfect!

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