Exploring the world of stretching your stamps

This month's theme is all about stretching your stamps, and exploring all the different uses!

For example did you know that stamps can be impressed on practically anything that ink can go on (porous or non-porous) as well as clay applications so long as there's a good release to keep the details sharp?⁠

Using Archival ink that is fast drying and with least amount of bleed, stamping on wood is a great way to "sign" your wood art.⁠ Just like Island Rustic Creations have done here. 

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Tips and Tricks

Below you will see a demo on stamping on packing paper I up-cycled from another shipment This is an incredibly quick an easy way to save money on packaging materials while being eco-conscious.

Smart Tip 

I use baby wipes to wipe off excess ink left on stamp!

Bonus Tip
Stamp demo on packing paper

Soap Stamp

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Soap Stamp

Bring your soap creations to life with your own custom soap stamp.

Up to 2.5” in size.
Check out the video for stamping on clay but this technique has been used for soaps as well.

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