Dos and Don't for a Successful Giveaway

My current obsession with the moon and astrology started with my healing process in the garden last March when the pandemic hit and our world turned upside down.

Through connecting with nature and being curious about all things spiritual and energy healing, planting by the moon became something I wanted to learn more about.

I created a 2021 calendar along with my pal, Little Thao Studio
and really enjoyed the process with her.

Then came December and at the very last minute,  we decided to run a Giveaway with of Woods and Heartstrings.   There were a lot of Giveaways happening in December and really well planned at that.  It was still fun and we learned a few things from this experience.  

Fast forward to this year, with lessons learned and new habits I've established, I decided to reach out and start the year off with guessed it...a Giveaway!

With over 100 unique entries, a number of reposts, @mentions, saved posts and comments, I definitely think I learned more about Giveaways than my last one.

I've since had some followers asked me about what tools I used to count the entries and how to run one so I thought I'd just post it here for all of you instead so we get these all answered. 

I was on my desktop when I found this Giveaway Picker which is free and simple to use.  (Wask)   I just dropped the URL of the Giveaway post into the field and set the parameters for it to choose for me a winner.
Let a new business know about my newsletters if they've helped you!

If you've followed my newsletter for some time, you'll know that I have sent out a prelude to what I was about to post to my subscribers.

This helps with engagement and provides my followers who are reading my newsletters with important information and what to look out for!   After all, I'm taking up your precious time by having you read this newsletter so I might as well make sure you've got first dibs on this awesome giveaway... am I right?
Quality over Quantity

The quality of followers you'll gain should definitely outweigh the quantity.  At least that's what I believe.

For years, I didn't want to run a giveaway because I was afraid people will just follow and unfollow.  Or they just want free stuff and don't care about my business.

That was my bad until I found the meaning and purpose behind the giveaway:  Is it to celebrate an event? (ie. 500+ followers) increase awareness? (ie.  Mental Health Month ) or launch a new product? 

Once I knew my why and my intent, I was able to piece together the things I'd like to see in the prize pack and how to curate content so the right followers enter the giveaway and stays!

It took about a month and a half to plan the entire event (Including the dreaming part... that's an important element. :)
Do Stay on Brand

A few years ago, I ran a Giveaway in random with 5 other Instagram owners with no particular intent, no clear planning and definitely not on brand with each other's Instagram accounts and it didn't do very well.

What's on Brand?

If you're a pottery maker, chances are you won't jive well someone who manufactures printed mugs.   Or if you sell wax wraps, you probably won't include plastic bottles into your giveaway items.   Do what makes sense for your brand and include as many items your followers love that is in line with your business.

It's okay if you bombed the first, second or a few times more...

If you read the above, you can probably guess that I have done a few not so successful Giveaways and each time I learned something new.

So with that said, if I've learned anything so far in running a giveaway it is to have a before, during and after approach when it comes to setting everything up.
  • build hashtags
  • write up your giveaway post and save it in your notes
  • communicate this before, during and after the event to complete your process
  • and have a little fun.

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