October - Are You Ready for This Holiday?


We are but only a few months away from the holidays and now is the perfect time to think strategically about the supplies you need, markets you should attend or be part of and any sales goals you have. 

You may think it’s too soon to prepare your business for the holidays, but the close of summer and the beginning of fall is the best time to start preparing. 

Staff Input

If you do have staff, talk to them about last year. What worked and what didn't and as a team look at the schedule to ensure you are fully covered for a potential rush.  If you're a Solopreneur, which most of us are, go back to your notes, your previous sales and do a bit of house cleaning as you find the gaps in last year's sales goals and see if you have a better way to plan this year.

Organization is key

The holiday season is the time that you should also order any additional supplies that you may need. Research online tools that you can use during the holiday season, which may include online tools to track inventory and shipping as well as social media marketing management systems (think Later). 

To Market, to Market 

Being part of a market during the holidays is both full of spirit and opportunity to increase sales, make connections and get you and your wonderful brand out there. Figure out which ones are most aligned with your business and sign up!


"Let's Root for each other and Watch each other Grow."  Please share this with someone who's starting out!

This is my other business! Vancouver Island Market. And I'm super passionate about connecting a community of buyers and sellers together through online and offline marketplace and space!

This is the perfect time to add yourself to our directory!  We have both free and premium directory options and you don't have to live on the island to be part of this.   You just need to be in BC.

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