Venturing behind the curtains

This month's theme is around some behind the scenes at Etchy Things headquarters ; aka my studio.

It's been about 7 years in the making of this studio space since moving to the island.   We moved to the island on April 1st, no joke, and we left for the island on the 7am morning ferry and arrived in our forever home just a little pass 11am.

The first truck of things we moved into our home were all the necessities for me to continue running my business for my studio.   (It took us 1.5 months to move the rest of our "things" here...and I won't bore you with the details or the reluctance of my hubby to throw away

So needless to say, I moved into a big messy space with things still in boxes but orders to fill!

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Working Despite the Mess

I'm a bit weird.  I am learning to slow down ... really! 

What you're witnessing above is a photo of when I first moved in and we just had to leave things about while my hubby returned to Vancouver daily to get the rest of his things.

Throughout the past 7 years, it really has been a lot of ups and downs with Etchy Things. Just imagine how ridiculous I was trying to make this business run..  But full disclosure, when we're both self employed and we understand cashflow means whether a business survives or dies, so we just keep going.
Recognize this shelving?
Real Life Footage 
Above you can see me powering through in 2020 and deciding to paint my walls further white and remove the drop ceiling to create a more uplifting space for me to work. This is all part of the background efforts of making Etchy Things what it is today.

I do share a lot more behind the scenes in my stories, reels and posts on my instagram page  I have added the social links for you below so you can check those out.

Is there anything you would be really curious to see? I'd like to set aside some of my energy to creating that for you so if you're interested please email me with some of your favourite things you'd like to see more of. 


Approx A5 (210mm (5.5x 9in) size raw edge wall hanging with printed quote and removable plant magnet
Wooden hanging frame included

The beautiful part is that it's printed on seed paper so when you want to change up your home decor, you can grow a plant! Check out my Youtube Video below, that helps guide you on how to do just that!

Made on Vancouver Island, Canada

Free Shipping included

After receiving your Basil Seed Paper, if you ever want to give it a try and grow your own basil, here are 5 easy steps. You can also just compost the paper if you'd rather not try growing basil from seeds. It can be tough if climate is not ideal.
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