You make me Happy when Skies are Grey...

This month's theme is all about gratitude, specifically for all of our wonderful Etchy clients.

YOU are the reason Etchy Things is made possible and the reason why I keep moving forward and creating.

I love working with like minded small business owners who have a place in their heart for unique, handmade designs and value what they can bring to their brand.

"Let's Root for each other and Watch each other Grow."  Please share this with someone who's starting out!
Here are just some of the wonderful clients that have brought so much joy through conversation, collaboration and a shared love of all things crafty.
This month, I've hand selected a few of MANY clients I appreciate.  I've got many more to list but I might not hold your attention for very long if I named them all ;)

Happy Gnome Maker  - If you're into indoor plants and gardening, whatever she grows, they are always incredibly healthy and alive!  She's also a fur-mom living on Vancouver Island.

Buckin Billy Ray   "Be Kind." That's the message on his channel of Youtube Channel of more than 300k followers strong.   I helped engraved an axe for a Tree Faller who passed away recently and he donated to the family in memory of the Faller's showcase of kindness.

The 6th Scent Candle I met Allie in person at a craft market in Vancouver a few years back after she ordered some stamps for her branding in Feb 2019.  Since then, her business thrived in so many ways and we cross paths when I organized a gift shop for VI Christmas Market later that year. You'll find her a true inspiration and a great person to follow.

of. Woods and Heartstrings When you meet someone with a heart of gold and pure compassion, don't let them go.  I love watching Xyleeh's stories, her art, her inspiration and her own personal journey to heal, to share and to offer a bit behind the current in the most genuine way.

Litte Thao Studio Having met Thao official through VI Market, our business relationship grew stronger over the years since 2018 and we've become good friends as well as helped strengthen each other's businesses and offer so much encouragement and added value in each other's work.   She's the artist behind the beautiful Garden Planner Calendar I offered this year!   A big congrats on her new born baby boy as well.  Watch her grow this year as she juggles her entrepreneurial life with her life as a mom (like most of you today).

Heart Coasters

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Heart Coasters

Perfect gift for anniversary, valentines day or just because.

Until next time my hard working ladies and gents,
stay perfectly imperfect!

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