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Last year in January 2021, I shared this pie chart of how we manage our time and the chart compares expectation vs reality which basically sums up how we go about our day sharing all the things we want to work on vs the reality pie chart where mindset, energy and focus take up more headspace than time management on the expectation pie chart.

Thinking on this concept and expanding it further, it isn't time management we want to work on, it's Energy Management (Self Care), Mindset Management (Mentorship/ Reading Self Help Books), Focus Management (Meditation/ Yoga/ Exercise) then Time Management (how we spend our time)

So when I look at my 2022 Intentions, did you write yours yet? (you can read my Jan newsletter here) I want to apply my 5 intentions to "habit stack" with the reality pie chart.

  1. Learn about me (energy management)
  2. Lead with kindness (mindset management)
  3. Let go of things that don't serve me (focus management)
  4. Laugh more (focus management)
  5. Listen more (energy + mindset management)

Notice there's really nothing about time management here! Interesting!!

So if we become super productive with the management of our core values, how do we work on managing our time? (the doing)


How I Spend My Time V.1 Pie Chart (left) vs How I Spend My Time? Revised Pie Chart (Right):

The left shows a typical let's have a meeting about meetings scenarios and you think you're productive. You're bored out of your mind or you're trying to think of all the ways you'll be creative or take care of yourself so you head down this rabbit hole of analysis paralysis.

Then by the end of the day, you're super tired and drained (you've depleted of all your energy) so you binge watch Netflix.  (okay nothing wrong with Netflix, I almost always sit down at the end of the night to watch flix with my hubby) But you get the idea about being drained right? 

The right shows a more holistic approach where you've identified what morning routine you're happy with, set intentions on what you want to achieve and mantra the crap out of it so you don't forget your why.

This practice of writing to you is to share a bit of wisdom I've learned along the way running two full time businesses and discovering all the ways I've failed so hopefully you won't have to. 
May you find joy and prosperity in what you do.

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