Kindness Matters


Working from Inside-Out

How are you doing? Calm on the outside but struggling on the inside?  
If you're like me who tracks mood, cycles and other patterns that keep me up at night, it's a good idea to bring gratitude practice into your daily life.



I just returned from being part of one of the most aMEIzing craft market experiences I've ever put on and it felt "right".   Don't get me wrong, there were hiccups for sure but for the most part everyone treated each other kindly which was all I could ask for.

So the day after the event, I gave permission to myself to sleep in a bit.  (I still woke up early but it's not the same when you can sleep in longer IF I want to).    It's funny how most people assume that we will be able to just go straight to hibernation mode .. but as business owners, there's still lots to do and tidy up (clean up and take down at the market, do inventory, pay staff, reply to emails that haven't been replied to, coordinate debrief meetings to work on next year's plan... the list goes on and it isn't realistic to say we can just turn off the lights and walk away.   It just doesn't happen.   

However, we do get to choose to have MOMENTS where we can celebrate and we NEED to if we are to continue to grow.

So tonight, I'm spending time with my bestie.  She couldn't be at the market with me because she's going through cancer treatments and her surgery is on Monday.   She helped me with tagging prices on my items at the Gift Shop when there were only myself and a couple of helpers during set up.   I have so much respect for my best friend.  And having a reward like this tonight makes me very happy.

Take a moment to think about what you're grateful for.  It doesn't have to be grand.  Just a minute of your time to reflect on the things you have that make your life 10% happier in this moment. And don't forget to be kinder to yourself regardless of the situation.  You grow through what you go through and it's okay to be not okay from time to time.

"Let's Root for each other and Watch each other Grow."  Please share this with someone who's starting out!

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