How to Find Your Own Clarity

How to find your own clarity



Get clear on what matters most and the rest will follow

You will find this to be true at any stage in your business that clarity will provide the answers to how you run your business and the decisions you make when sh*t goes sideways (as they always will).

One of the best techniques to finding this almighty word clarity is to set intentions for yourself.
Sidenote: I am refraining to use the term goals as it denotes an ending rather than a work in progress.   We're all striving to become more clear every day and it's a practice not a destination.

I sat down with my bestie and asked her to write with me 5 intentions for 2022.   They are:
1) Learn more about myself:  I have been studying Moonology a lot more than I thought I would and it's really helped me find clarity when I understand myself more.
2) Lead with kindness:  This seems self explanatory but it is important as business owners to be clear in our words and intentions so not to cause resentment in the future. (from either parties)
3) Let go of things that don't serve me:  The phrase "shadow work" is a new phrase I learned about holding onto past thoughts/ memories/ events that triggers that cause us to detach ourselves from the present.  There are full moon rituals that are effective or simply bringing this forward at a certain time can have huge impact in our growth and allow us to move on from past experience.  Make space for clear thoughts!
4) Laugh more often:  I get caught up in the moment of attention to something I'm learning or want to grow through that I forget to stop and smell the roses.  Having a little more fun and laugh more is not only good for the soul but activates so much creative space for me .. I mean why the heck not! 
5) Listen more: No matter how many (self-help) books I read or how many crappy jobs I've had in life and traumatic events I've been through, I can always learn more when I listen (to my own intuition and other's experiences) The hearing serves as a reminder of hell yes or hell no when decisions need to be made.

It's your turn!

Get out a piece of paper and write out your top 5 intentions now.  Make it work for you by creating a mnemonic so it's easier to remember and share it so you're on the hook to make it a reality!

Bonus if you reply to this email and let me know so I can reflect on your intentions with you!

(Image borrowed from my other business at Vancouver Island Market)

"Let's Root for each other and Watch each other Grow."  Please share this with someone who's starting out!

Habit Tracker

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4 Simple Steps

  1. Start now.
  2. Keep it Simple.
  3. Track It.
  4. Don't judge your results.

"First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you are inspired or not." - Octavia Butler.

Jerry Seinfield keeps a calendar and he places an "x" over each day after he writes his one joke for the day. He writes his joke, puts an x on his calendar, closes his book of jokes and leaves his office for the day.

Whether you need to unlearn something that has become a habit or create a new habit today, follow these 4 simple steps and watch you grow.

May you discover what matters most to you and grow there.

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