Exploring the world of packaging

This month's theme is all about the packaging and what's on the outside is as important as what's on the inside in this case!

Packaging communicates the quality of the product inside so it's a great way to have fun with creating a first impression and response from your buyer - when done properly!

If packaging can affect how consumers perceive food they’ve already tasted, is it really a stretch to imagine that packaging affects how they perceive a product they’ve yet to try? It can start with the very simple element of colour which in itself can significantly impact our emotional state.  

What are the dominant colours that you want to communicate to your buyer, yellow for example connotes competence and happiness. While red communicates passion, excitement and is linked to appetite. 

We love helping you create that 'first impression' with our hand crafted stamps, which can and have been used in a variety of ways to spice up your packaging life. 

Below is an egg-cellent example of how versatile our stamps are and how creative our buyers are.


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A few ways to step up your packaging game

1) consider your audience/ clients... do they prefer well packaged and new packaging or do they prefer up-cycling and reusing packaging materials?
2) do you ship often? If so would a do not bend stamp or something on your packaging envelope or box be handy?
3) consider what will bring you joy... will buying lots of tissue to stamp on be something you will giddy over or will it be a chore for you
4) how much time do you want to spend on packaging? This will determine whether a stamp, stickers and/or post cards be in your packaging arsenal.
Check out this tutorial on how to create a layering effect with this simple stamp masking technique.

Do Not Bend Stamp

Buy It Here

Gratitude Packaging Stamp Set 

As a handmade artist, maker, small batch wholesaler/ business owner, packaging your products in a way that spread joy is so important!

I requested these designs from a Lettering Artist on Vancouver Island (Olive Ella Calligraphy) and she helped made these stamps come to life.

Thank you

Happy Mail

Locally Made

Do Not Bend Please

Sizes range from 1.5"x1.5" to 2"x1"

Can be sold separately.

Set comes in this beautifully package box with stamped images.

Wholesale orders welcome.

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