Meet the Maker - I'm Mei Dunlop of Etchythings and Accents Inc.

April 26, 2018

Meet the Maker - I'm Mei Dunlop of Etchythings and Accents Inc.

I’m Mei and this is me enjoying some family time with my nieces and nephew.

I was born in HK and moved to the west coast when I was 7.5yrs old. I was taught British English like an apple was pronounced with the vowel sound “a” as in ape and an eraser is instead called a rubber. 🙈 (imagine a girl asking a boy for a “rubber”

I was a very shy person and fell back a grade for 3 months the first year I was in Canada because I was so nervous about show and tell class that I refused to go. 
I was embarrassed to let my mom know what my teachers told me but decided from that day forward to always do the things that fear me most such as public speaking, singing in public (luckily I have a husband who loves to sing!) and starting my own business.

In my last few years of university, my father who’s been a gambling addict all his life decided he would leave our family of 7 girls because he blames us for not paying off his debts. No matter how much we tried to support him with our love, professional advice, and even spiritual guidance, it was not enough. And after all the mental abuse, tears and anxieties, we removed ourselves from this toxic person.

That was over 20 years of my youth lost to a person who was selfish, unkind, and ungrateful.


So how do these relate to my present day? For one, my sisters, mom and I can now speak freely and share happy memories together and we love and support each other very much. Took some time to adjust to not having sisters to talk about things that bothered us (we hid in our rooms when our parents fought and bringing up our problems with friends in school seem so petty when our family is constantly in turmoil) Today I am so proud we as sisters, are strong women and /or supermoms who stand by each other.

Secondly, I became aware of toxic people and how they can destroy lives. Hence my advocacy for kindness, and being grateful everyday. I can’t stand people who blame the world for their misfortune, and spends all day dragging others down instead of lifting them up. It’s a waste of precious time we can never get back.

My recovery as an awkward person has been blessed with many mentors, teachers and life coaches around me. Thanks to the power of positive thinking and my curious nature to learn to be better.

Today I have my own self made creative business and more than ever I want to grow this with people who “get” it. I have experienced darkness in my earlier days that those who get it, are those who have had their own dark stories of the past. I know those who get it, praise each other, lift each other up, and are who they are today because they too are fighting for a more enriched and purposeful life.

My favourite grade three teacher, on a day when I was depressed and sad because of what was happening at home (and she had no idea I was depressed) said, “you have a beautiful smile and smiling is contagious!” She left with me with two thoughts... people will never know what’s behind that smile unless you speak up and if I want to spread happiness, I should always keep smiling because it’s contagious and it doesn’t harm anyone.

I am blessed to know some very special people in my life who without having to hear their story, I know they’ve been there and the best way to celebrate is to be the change you want to see in the world.

There's a bit more about me here and how I use my feelings and passion to create custom pieces for you.

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